Managing risk in an increasingly
complex strategic environment.

Geostrategic Intelligence Group


Geostrategic Intelligence Group (GIG) is a global risk and private intelligence consultancy specializing in helping public and private organizations identify and mitigate political and security risks. It was founded on the premise that the global security environment is undergoing considerable change, and that there is a pertinent need for both public and private sector bodies to rapidly adapt to this changing strategic risk environment.

The firm was set up by a core group of geostrategic analysts and security practitioners devoted to assisting public and private decision-makers
understand the impact of this changing geopolitical landscape, and to offering practical tools to anticipate and adapt to it.

Our Services


01. Problem

We now live in an age of uncertainty. The global security environment is undergoing considerable change.

The strategic environment is increasingly complex, dynamic and uncertain, yet decisions need to be made.


02. Solution

We bring in-depth geostrategic analytics, sophisticated economic intelligence and tailored resilience solutions, in order to assist corporate decision-makers and the public sector with strategic planning, risk management and resilience building.


03. Value

Our value proposition to our customers is to provide meaning to this complexity and uncertainty by providing world-class geostrategic and advisory services that help them to avoid and risk and capture the hidden opportunities in their strategic environment


We enable our customers to reduce strategic uncertainty and build resilience


Global strategic importance such as energy security, regional integration developments and changing security dynamics.


We offer tailored economic intelligence services for both private and public sector


Our tailored solutions help our customers to build their own strategic organizational resilience programme.

Education and Training Solutions

In addition to providing tailored and holistic solutions to our customers, we can help our clients by training analysts in their organizations – both in the private and public sectors – to serve their strategic analysis needs better. We also offer academic institutions course packages for educating the next generation of strategic analysts.

Our tailored training and academic education solutions include:
Political risk and intelligence analyst training
Analytical methods training
Geostrategic intelligence training
Thematic training modules
Academic course development
Political risk analysis methods
Geopolitical intelligence methods

Speaking Engagements

Geostrategic Intelligence Group’s team of experts cover a range of regions and sectors relating to geostrategic developments and risks. They frequently appear in the media, address high-level executive briefings, and as keynote speakers at large international conferences and summits.

In particular, our speakers engage audiences on topics such as:

  • Major global geostrategic and geopolitical trends
  • Risk, uncertainty and resilience in the global operating environment
  • Current hot topics in global affairs

Geostrategic Intelligence

Applying geostrategic analysis is central to our work. We take particular pride in our methods and broad in-depth knowledge of global security phenomenon and geostrategic trends. With our extensive expert network of world class topical and geographic area expertise we have the ability to cover all geographic areas and topics of strategic importance.

Our premise is that whilst country risks are important for organizations operating in the global environment, they also need a better understanding of interstate and thematic trends and risks in order to truly grasp the complexities in their strategic operating environment and the risks and opportunities associated with it. In this period of rising geostrategic tensions, understanding the interaction between geopolitics, security of supply and international economic trends, and their political and security implications, is of paramount importance for strategy and the management of risks for both goverments and business.

Consequently, we seek to add value to our client organizations by enabling them to understand the complex and uncertain operating environment from their specific point of view and to gain the ability to monitor, make strategic assumptions and decisions towards avoiding the strategic risk pertinent to their operations, whilst grasping the hidden opportunities stemming from the changing environment.

Economic Intelligence

The need for high-quality economic intelligence is constantly increasing for organizations operating in a changing global strategic environment. The world is more interconnected than at any time in history. This interconnectivity provides opportunities for agile actors to prosper, but also carries strategic risks, many of which are novel and therefore not usually dealt with by conventional strategies.

Our economic intelligence services and techniques help our customers understand, anticipate and adapt to emerging economic risks and opportunities generated by the new global environment. Our competitive strength in economic intelligence services is that we tailor the monitoring, analysis and reporting to the needs of our clients operational priorities based on a comprehensive pre-engagement analysis of the client’s needs.

Our economic intelligence services include:
Region and country focused monitoring, analysis and reporting
Topics focused monitoring, analysis and reporting
Customers’ operations focused monitoring, analysis and reporting
We can also assist our clients in transforming reports from other providers towards matching the customer’s specific needs and enable them to determine what the generic findings of such reports mean for them.

Tailored Resilience Solutions

In addition to helping our clients to understand their strategic operational environment better, we help them improve resilience against the risks and uncertainties coupled with their operating environment. We believe that there is no single model of resilience that our customers must follow. Instead, we help our customers identify their specific needs and solutions. Our tailored solutions are aimed at helping our customers build their own organizational resilience programme from start to finish.

Our resilience solutions include:
Strategic resilience assessments
Strategic resilience planning
Strategic resilience training
Strategic resilience monitoring and measurement

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